Hi! I’m an artist from Poland – you may seen my art on Instagram or maybe you remember me from good old Deviantart times. I’m an illustraor, tattoo artist and cosplayer. Nonbinary. INTJ. Capricorn. I like cats more than dogs. Naruto more than Sasuke. Salty snacks over sweets and I’m very picky about my coffee.

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Drawing is my main hobby and favourite way to spend my free time. I prefer drawing digitally but I still find traditional media pure magical. My favourite things to draw are my OCs, pretty girls and boys, furries and from time to time I do fanarts from series I love.

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Since 2015 I tattoo custom-made designs, each one is unique and made according to my client’s wishes to make something special that they will cheerish forever. My favourite motives are anime/cartoon characters and animals.

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With my friend Gabi we run our small store where we sell merchandise with my artworks. Artprints, artbooks, prints, stickers and more. I take care that everything has a *cheff kiss* quality and is produced localy in Poland.

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